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A Bit About Me & The Website

Welcome to my website and thanks for looking. I live in Pontefract, West Yorkshire and have been interested in photography since I was a boy and  I get an enormous amount of enjoyment from photography, including travelling the country with my friends.

I have used various film cameras since the mid 1980s, the first of which was my Dad's Canon Sureshot automatic! Then came a Minolta X300, followed by a Canon EOS 300 which still sees occasional use. My first digital camera, a Canon EOS 10D came in 2004 and since then a Canon EOS 40D. Today I use the superb Canon EOS 5D Mark 2.

At the time of writing, the majority of images on my site have been taken since the mid 2000s 'digital' era, and I intend to add some old neg and slide scans to the relevant galleries as time permits.

I am an experienced wedding photographer, initially starting out taking pictures for friends. This progressed and I have covered hundreds of amazing weddings for clients across the world. Please contact me for a quote on 07900 005926.

Viewing The Site The images are generally uploaded at 1200x800 pixels, so viewing in full screen mode is recommended (press F11 to do this and once finished, F11 again to return to the traditional web browser style.)

A Note About Copyright

High resolution files (for publication & printed page) are available for all the images featured on this site. Please contact me at the link below for further details. All photographic images on this website are the sole copyright of Andy Brown. This website and any of its contents may not be copied, translated or distributed in any manner (electronic or printed) without the prior written consent of myself. A reproduction fee of £250 per image will be sought, via the legal system, along with administrative costs & legal fees, if any Individual, Company or Organisation is found to be using material without my prior written consent. All infringements of copyright will be met with full legal force. You can contact me by Email by clicking here

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